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Can I get a tour of the Rickenbacker factory? Is there a showroom where I can try/buy guitars/basses?
We've never had tours and are not open to the public, as our business is wholesale only. That is, of course, why we tried to make our web site as complete as possible. ...
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Does Rickenbacker have a custom shop?
Unfortunately, we are unable to take on custom work at this time due to our large backlog of orders. Possibly in the future we will be able to entertain such requests. ...
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Can I purchase a Rickenbacker guitar directly from the factory?
All new Rickenbacker Guitars must be purchased through an authorized rickenbacker dealer. ...
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Can Rickenbacker service my guitar even though it is out of warranty?
Unfortunately, we do not offer a service facility at this time due to our rather large backlog of instrument orders. ...
Category: Factory

There is writing on the inside of the body cavity of my RIC. What does it mean?
According to our CEO, John Hall, the writing in the cavity of older Rickenbacker guitars was internal code for whoever happened to be painting or sanding it that day, and about half of the time any wr ...
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