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How do I care for my Ric's finish?
The factory cloth is the best for the finish but at some point, everyone will need something a little more aggressive. Pure Carnuba wax is the preferred polishing agent but some liquid auto polish, li ...
Category: Finish

What is the difference between Autumnglo and Walnut?
The earliest version of Autumnglo was simply shaded brown. The middle clear areas on most of these old guitars have yellowed, but wasn't originally apparent. The next version was just Fireglo laid on ...
Category: Finish

If I give you my serial number can you tell me what color my guitar was when it left the factory?
Unfortunately, we do not have a readily available database which states the original finish – or even the model number – of our instruments, based on the guitar’s serial number. While it would be e ...
Category: Finish

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