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What is the difference between a 4001 and a 4003?
Sometimes it is tough to distinguish these two models based on external appearance, however, early 4003 basses had a two piece pick guard. Other more subtle differences are with regard to the truss r ...
Category: History

Does Rickenbacker offer an artist endorsement program?
Unfortunately, we have a strict policy against endorsing musicians or special projects. Our products are of the utmost quality and precision and our reputation precedes us. We would like for everyon ...
Category: History

How do I pronounce "Rickenbacker"?
It is Ricken-BACK-er, by the choice of Adolph Rickenbacker. ...
Category: History

What is the relationship between Electro, Ryder, and Rickenbacker?
Originally, Electro String Instrument Corporation (ESIC) was the name of the parent company that produced "Rickenbacker" brand products. The "Electro" name was the main name, while it was "Rickenbac ...
Category: History

Why does the "octave" string come after on my RIC 12 String?
Rickenbacker 12 strings have always been strung with the "normal" string first, which is part of what gives them such a distinctive sound. ...
Category: History

Why don't modern Rickenbackers have the same inlay material as they did back in the sixties?
There's only one correct answer [...] this material hasn't been made for more than 20 years. We've looked at a zillion samples of materials purported to be "just the same" but they are not. When s ...
Category: History

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