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What are the types of magnets used in the different kinds of pickups?
The vintage reissue guitar pickups use cylindrical Alnico magnets... like the originals. The vintage reissue bass pickups use tungsten steel 'horseshoes' as polepieces... like the originals ... couple ...
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I would like to buy a new truss rod cover or "R" Tailpiece. Why does Rickenbacker require me to trade in my old one?
The recent spate of 'copy guitars' sporting genuine Rickenbacker nameplates and "R" Tailpieces, has forced us to adopt a stringent nameplate replacement policy. Customers must return at least half of ...
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Can I use a Schaller strap lock system with a Rickenbacker guitar?
If you have a vintage style strap bolt, and would like to use the Schaller strap lock system, all that you need to do is order part number #5904 from our service department or website Category: Parts

How can I remove the treble pickup cover from my 4003?
It is possible to remove the treble pickup cover without too much trouble. You will first need to remove the strings from your instrument. Next you can unscrew the four mounting screws that hold ...
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How can I remove the treble pickup "cover" from my 4001V63, 4001C64, or 4001C64S.
It is not recommended that you remove what appears to be a "cover," on these instruments. The material covering the strings is not a cover, but rather, is actually part of the magnet assembly and pro ...
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How can I get the compressor in the Roger McGuinn Limited Edition?
Unfortunately, the only way that you can get the compression unit used in the Roger McGuinn Limited Edition, is to find one of these guitars on the used/vintage market. The compression circuitry is ...
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I have a question about the .0047mf cap that is/was in RIC guitars.
The .0047mf cap (not to be confused with the .047mf cap on the tone pots) was added in between the treble pickup and its volume pot. It essentially cut all the low frequencies out of the signal. Thi ...
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