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What is the best way to get the strings onto the posts when I am stringing my Rickenbacker 12 string?
Pull the string until it is taut, aligning it as if it was already strung. At about an inch and 1/2 past the post you are going to be winding, bend the string at a 45 degree angle and cut string at ab ...
Category: Troubleshooting

Why does only one pickup function when I plug into the Rick-O-Sound Jack?
Unless you are using a Rick-O-Sound kit, or "Y Splitter" stereo cable, it is normal to only get sound from one pickup. If you are using a standard mono cable with one amplifier, simply plug your cabl ...
Category: Troubleshooting

Why does the Rick-O-Sound Kit not work properly with my 360V64?
Despite the fact that there are two outputs present, the model 360V64 is not equipped with Rick-O-Sound, but rather, dual mono output(this was the original configuration for a model 360 in 1964). T ...
Category: Troubleshooting

There is a noticeable rattle coming from the neck of my Rickenbacker guitar as I play.
This is caused by either the nut on a truss rod being too loose, or just by the rod rattling in the neck cavity. In some cases this can be solved by tightening a loose trussrod nut, or in other cases ...
Category: Troubleshooting

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