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What is the difference between a 4001 and a 4003?
Sometimes it is tough to distinguish these two models based on external appearance, however, early 4003 basses had a two piece pick guard. Other more subtle differences are with regard to the truss rod design and the wiring schematic.

While both instruments had dual truss rods, the 4001 one had "old style" rods which only had nuts on the top, whereas the 4003 has nuts at both ends of the neck. Due to the different rod styles, a later model 4003 will have larger rounded holes at the end of the neck to accommodate the nuts, while an older 4001 will have small rectangular holes.

In addition, the 4001 was wired with a capacitor on the treble pickup, which cut all the low-end sound out of the signal. In the 4003, this design feature was dropped.
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