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How can I find out when my guitar was manufactured?
You can use your serial number to determine the manufacture date of most Rickenbacker guitars.

The serial number on modern, post-1960 Rickenbacker instruments is made up of two parts. The first part is two numerals (or letters) at one end of the jackplate, the second is a 3-to-5 digit number at the other end of the jackplate. These together make up the serial number; it would then read something like AB1234 or 0101234. (Note: On some models, this information is found on the bridge plate, or on a separate plate found near the lower strap peg; these are exceptions rather than rules.)

On some older Rics (circa 1970 and prior), the serial number is all in a line, i.e. AB123.

One could determine the date of manufacture of a Ric by then going to this webpage, on our site:

…and entering the number into our “decoder.”

On Rickenbacker instruments made after 1999, the two letters are replaced by the last two digits of the year (i.e. 00xxxx = made in 2000.)

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