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How do I care for my Ric's finish?
The factory cloth is the best for the finish but at some point, everyone will need something a little more aggressive. Pure Carnuba wax is the preferred polishing agent but some liquid auto polish, like Turtle Wax,
diluted a bit with water can be used on a particularly dirty or scratched instrument. The cloth used should be very soft and should also be dampened a bit.

You know you're doing it right when as you wipe you see little beads of moisture and it wipes clean just as the surface dries up. If the polish gets sticky, leaves a film, or turns powdery, then it's not quite dilute enough or the cloth is too dry. But done right, the surface will be smooth
as a mirror, with no haze or swirls.

Whatever you do, try to avoid waxes with silicone. Silicone is used to disperse the wax evenly in a compound or on a cloth and doesn't harm the finish per se . . . but it goes right through the paint into the wood and makes it just about impossible to even refinish it.

For Oil Finishes:

Tung oil or even tung oil with a bit of polyurethane works great. You rub it in with 0000 steel wool until the scratches are gone and the surface burnishes, wipe off the excess and let it dry overnight. The result will be like glass, but with no drag on the neck like a high gloss finish.

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