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I have a question about the .0047mf cap that is/was in RIC guitars.
The .0047mf cap (not to be confused with the .047mf cap on the tone pots) was added in between the treble pickup and its volume pot. It essentially cut all the low frequencies out of the signal. This was a feature of nearly all Rickenbacker guitars and basses throughout the 1960s and 1970s, and was removed from the circuit starting about 1984.

The advantage was a crisp, chimey treble pickup (particularly effective on the 12 strings). The disadvantage was somewhat of a loss of output from the pickup.

The exact location of this cap in the circuit can be seen on this Rickenbacker guitar schematic:

It is a simple enough modification wherein it can be tried out and then put back to stock if the output is too lacking, or perhaps a switch can be made which brings the cap in and out.
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