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Author:  Willie [ Wed Sep 08, 2010 10:39 pm ]
Post subject:  New Member Introduction

Hey, I’m new here and just wanted to give a formal introduction. I thank you for the information I’ve gathered so far but it seems a lot of the posts are several years old so I hope folks are still hanging around here. Furthermore, I just bought a MG 330/6, may have a few questions and hope my vast experience will aid others as well.
I’m 45 and my love of Ricks started in high school listening to Geddy Lee and Chris Squire. In the late 80’s I owned a really nice all black 4001(3?) I never knew exactly what model. All black except where it said Rickenbacker and the white in the checkered trim. Fretboard had black dots. Never seen another one like it, did a lot of gigs and recorded a cd, and wish I still had ‘er.
I was also a fan of REM and the Smiths in college and liked the sound of their Ricks ….oh, and the Beatles too!
I’m mostly retired from bands but play a lot of guitar at home. Was originally looking at 12-strings and decided on a Dano because of the wider string spacing. Then I went to my LMS and tried a Rick 12, it was not as bad as I thought and wished I’d waited. By then though I was seduced…
330 vs 360
I like the looks of the 360 better and my LMS had a real nice one but, surprisingly, the 330s were more comfortable for me! The MG has some nice looking wood and it sounded fuller than the black one they had so I went for it.
I write songs mostly on the acoustic and these transfer nicely to the 330. I’m also having fun learning some REM and Smith’s songs .
That’s it for now. Take it easy, Willie

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