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Australian Music suffers a loss
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Author:  AUSRIC [ Wed Nov 03, 2010 3:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Australian Music suffers a loss

Hi All

Its a sad day for Australian music lovers today.

We lost a Great Musician. James Freud from a band called Models, always incorrectly refered to as "THE" Models saddly died today at age 51. Models were a great success in our great country during the 80's. Altho I certainly do not expect my American Forum friends to be familliar with Models, Our Aussies here will certainly be aware. They had huge commercial success here in 1985 with an album called " Out Of Mind Out Of Sight" wich sold here in large numbers and produced some outstanding tracks such as the albums title track, also, "Barbados", Big on love", "Cold Fever" and "King of Kings". Out of mind out of sight may be somewhat familliar in the States. It wouldn't suprise me.

I'm sorry to rave on about this, but I feel very saddened buy James death. I Greatly admired these musicians back in the day, They all had a hand in inspiring me to keep pushing on as a musician. James shared lead vocals with Sean Kelly and also played Bass. Altho I do not recall ever Seeing James with a Ric. There was certainly a Rickenbacker association with fellow band member Sean Kelly (guitarist vocalist) Who in the early days of Models was Known to tote a 1997 Rickenbacker. Whats became of that guitar I do not know. But its not about the guitar.

Anyway I just wanted to share this with you all.
I feel a little flat today after that news. Apparently It was suicide. And thats what upsets me the most. Music is a wonderful thing, but at times its also very tragic.

Take care all.

Daryl. (AUSRIC)

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