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FIFO order processing
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Author:  grendel [ Tue Feb 14, 2006 12:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: FIFO order processing

Mr. Hall dont turn off the shippment grid, I do check it everyday to see if my bass has shipped. As I stated, I have not grasp the grid yet, and even what day of the week it is. All of this comes with age, My mind is going south. ;)
If I upset you, thats not what I intended, I was cracking a joke.

Author:  Kelly [ Tue Feb 14, 2006 1:05 am ]
Post subject:  Re: FIFO order processing

I agree completely - the shipping info update is invaluable. I've been watching it like a hawk for a Jetglo 660/12 and I was able to purchase the one shipped to The Music Zoo. I even asked about it before it had arrived in the store, so they had to make sure it wasn't spoken for before I could buy it. If it weren't for the shipping update, I don't know when or where I could have found one. And man am I excited!

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