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Wood, politics, RIC and all that jazz..
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Author:  maxwell [ Sat Oct 29, 2011 4:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Wood, politics, RIC and all that jazz..

jbudweiser - That's a really great account of a great deed. Thanks.

Author:  jbudweiser [ Sat Oct 29, 2011 7:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Wood, politics, RIC and all that jazz..

maxwell wrote:
jbudweiser - That's a really great account of a great deed. Thanks.

Thanks Maxwell, thanks for those kind words. When I look at all sorts of things, guitars, buildings, food, air, water, and almost everything I see a product of nature!
Even the big cities with there amazing infrastructure and architecture seems impressive ,but really their true foundation are this very earth, that really what's keeping them standing. Everything that is needed to supply a city comes from outside, it is nature that supplies this. The intelligence and skills to design a city, to make a guitar, play a tune, sing a song and write it down.........that too is a product of nature!LOL

See how intelligent nature is, it is so creative, entertaining and provides so freely
We are part of this it's our natural condition but often we ignore it, we get dehumanized in the process of ignorance. Have you seen what happens when you trap a gorilla or chimp and remove it from nature and enclose it,,,,,it will first get depressed, sick and go mad! We humans need a good environment to be healthy and happy too

So in most circumstances nature provides so much, so when I saw beautiful rainforest being destroyed, I was compelled to try to do something to stop it!
Nature has given me everything, so I to try to protect the very thing that sustains me. I suppose it make sense because I too am part of natures product!

I have learnt many profound lesson from nature, nature is something science doesn't fully understand, it's best we treat it with great respect it deserves and study it and learn from it, not destroy it.

So when we play our guitars and do our ''thing'' it's nice to think about really were it all comes from, it was meant for us to use and to enjoy,,,,,but not to destroy
Also disrespecting nature will ultimately cause great sickness of the body and mind, and we will all go hungry to boot! If you respect nature you will get healthy.

One day guitar companies may even start to grow cabinet timber. But keep in mind it's a long term investment, not a fast buck attitude that's needed

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