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Sticky Gummy Finish on 1999 UNPLAYED 4003 CurlyMaple Fireglo
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Author:  jbudweiser [ Sun Nov 13, 2011 3:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Sticky Gummy Finish on 1999 UNPLAYED 4003 CurlyMaple Fir

It's strange you know, some old vintage guitars have just sat in their cases for decades and when taken out some corrosion maybe evident, however the finish is still perfect!

Is it something in the Fabric or Glue.......I'm thinking ( fire retardant)??????? It is added to fabric
Also glues have changed! It is still a mystery though.

Maybe airing the case every so often maybe be on the cards to help prevent this problem

Author:  nico [ Wed Feb 13, 2013 8:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Sticky Gummy Finish on 1999 UNPLAYED 4003 CurlyMaple Fir

Finally, a solution... well, not exactly a solution, more of a remedy. I have (had) a 2006 330FG with a sticky finish all over, but it's worst of all on the neck.
I tried everything: distilled water and corn starch (see below), polishing with a soft cloth, cutting polish (T-Cut; it's an English product for cutting back dulled auto-paint prior to waxing), coating with fast-fret, turtle wax, EVERYTHING!!! Still sticky. So I put I put the guitar back in its case because it was such an unpleasant piece of very expensive firewood to play. For shame, Nico!

THEN I JOINED A BAND. I suddenly found myself without a substitute guitar and rehearsing for a couple of hours twice a week. Lo and behold the natural 'wear and tear' from my hands combined with a good wipe-down after each session have slewed off the tacky, gummy layer of finish and it's now pretty much as it should be. Even on the fretboard. Ok, it hasn't cured the problem on the body (yet...), but the neck is now playable again.

The answer to your problem? Love your guitar: take it out, glory in it, and most of all PLAY IT!!!

PS Sorry about the overuse of punctuation, I'm just a very happy boy right now :)

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