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The poor cable guy Story!
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Author:  jbudweiser [ Sat Oct 29, 2011 9:58 pm ]
Post subject:  The poor cable guy Story!

About a month ago I was doing some research on the net, gathering info on noise and noise reduction. I run a stereo rig with effects, and after re configuring my rig I have managed to get it extremely quiet. No noise, hum or hiss can be heard at low volumes or high volumes. In fact it is much quieter than most of my friends single rigs. I will eventually make a post of how I achieved the super silent stereo rig, but that can now wait until I tell you a story. I came across this on the net!

Some guitarist goes into a music shop a few years back, he wanted 2 guitar leads
but in fact was handed two high quality speaker cable leads, he paid and left a happy customer unaware of his future predicaments! :shock:

This guitarist found his rig was noisy! :lol: Now over a 2 year period he got rid of all the gear and amps that he thought were the source of his noise problems, pedals all sorts of gear( now that's not funny anymore). One day when he was rehearsing one of his amps was very noisy he wanted to change tubes to see if it was the problem. The other guitarist said just try another lead and threw him one, as soon as he used it all the hiss went immediately. He finally worked it out, it was his cables all along those whole 2 years.

It did and does happen!

Now I told this story to my friend who has worked in a music shop for many many years. He told me if someone comes in and grabs a lead he always asks them what it's for. He told me the number of times people pick up Speaker cable and thinks it's for instruments or guitars is often. Some don't realise and some think it's OK. He said often customer come in and grab the wrong cables, this is why he asks what is it for, many customers are surprised that they have the wrong cable in their hands. If you ever use unshielded or speaker cable, for anything other than a speaker your in for a hard time with noise. When it comes to any amp rig, Silence is GOLDEN

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