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Which Rick is this?
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Author:  ihatwinter [ Mon Jan 09, 2012 2:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Which Rick is this?

Hi everyone,

I was hoping that the people on this forum could help me out. I am in the market for a new guitar and a Rickenbacker is one that I am considering. I recently saw the band The Walkmen perform and I was struck by how awesome the tone was of a Rickenbacker that the guitarist was playing. I just have no idea which Rick it is. Here is a video of the band performing Holiday Road and the guitarist is playing that Rickenbacker. It has the 330 body but with the toaster pickups, classic Rickenbacker fret inlays and the trapeze tailpiece.

You can see the guitar very easily at 28 seconds into the video:

Does anyone know which guitar this is?

Author:  maxwell [ Mon Jan 09, 2012 6:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Which Rick is this?

OK, I'll try, until the other guys chime in. I'd say that that guitar is a limited edition of the basic 360 model ---> Binding on both sides of the body, and gold pickguard & truss rod cover; not typical, everyday features. 360s can come with toaster or hi gain pickups. Look at the this model (or don't specify and thereby look at all models) on that famous auction e-site.

If you select the "Service" tab above, you will get a drop-down menu. From that, select "Model Identification." Here's the link:


It's a pretty neat feature, but it is incomplete in some model areas. It's fun to try. Anyway, there's a lot of smart guys here and I'm sure it won't be long before a couple come along.

Author:  maxwell [ Thu Jan 12, 2012 5:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Which Rick is this?


Don't let me down. Your mother should know.

Author:  jps [ Thu Jan 12, 2012 6:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Which Rick is this?

Late '50s/early '60s Capri 360 in either an extremely rare Jetglo finish, or it has been refinished in Jetglo.

Author:  Ain'tGotNoPokemon [ Thu Jan 12, 2012 6:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Which Rick is this?

maxwell wrote:
Your mother should know.

My mother's a saint! :evil:


Author:  BlueRick [ Thu Jan 12, 2012 8:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Which Rick is this?

The Rick is a late 1950s 360 Capri. It is most likely a refinish.

Before the round front 360 models were introduced, ALL 330 and 360 models shared the same body shape; the only difference was the deluxe models (360-375) had double bound bodies and bound necks, and triangle inlays, while the standard models (330-345) had dot inlays and no body or neck binding.

Ricks had gold guards and TRCs back then.

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