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Author:  iceref21 [ Fri Aug 24, 2012 6:36 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Get the Angle on the Jangle

360girl wrote:
Aw Maaaan! I wish I could! I've got major Ric 12-string GAS, but I ain't gots the money, and some big bills coming up within the next couple of months! :(

360 girl,

Musicians Friend if offering 15% off on orders of $599.00 and the 360/12 would qualify. That would bring it down to $1869.00 a great price. I myself am waiting for a 360/12C63. Good luck.

Author:  Aerome [ Thu Aug 30, 2012 4:20 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Get the Angle on the Jangle

Ice----, RICs are seldom included in the discounts or sales by MF. You may be able to fast talk a newby into writing it up for you but along the line it gets flagged and then they make a determination whether or not to approve the order. If, by chance, you've made it that far, for business reasons the order will probably be approved and any additional dealings with RIC would be handled if the sale price was reported (like on your warranty card).

I was able to sneak one by them only because I was most sincere (and adamant) in telling them the sale price was previously authorized (and I am sure it was) by another staff member. After a few days I could not understand why the order was held up, and really started to drill down onto them. (I thought I had to be approved to be a new RIC owner ;-) !) The discount did make the difference in buying used and new (4003) and yes, I have since tried getting another by them. No Joy! I can only imagine that RIC wants their goods traded as fairly as possible by an honorable dealer network. Three thumbs up to them for that, shows you what kind of company John Hall & boys/girls are running.

If you were once successful in doing it, bravo! They do stick to their agreements but there will be some that fall between the cracks. The biz decision was a good one for them because I've since spent thousands on stuff I don't need.

Author:  Clifton [ Wed Oct 03, 2012 7:13 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Get the Angle on the Jangle

iceref21 wrote:
RICNews wrote:
12-strings are shipping. Just completed production run of fireglo's, mapleglo's, jetglo's and the latest color sensation, ruby, will be arriving soon.
Contact your favorite RIC dealer for info.

Say, what is the deal with the 360/12C63 models? I have been searching for one lately and no one seems to have any. Why is Ric not manufacturing enough of them? Because there seems to be quite an interest in them. I would think that Ric would be more energetic in their production of this great guitar. Thank you.

Fuller's in Houston has had a 360/12C63 in Jet-glo for a while. It's still there, and it's a beautiful guitar:

http://www.fullersguitar.com/Rickenback ... ric-Guitar

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