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 Post subject: 1974 4001S Strings to use
 Post Posted: Mon Oct 03, 2016 4:10 am 

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I have heard a lot of possible issues with the older bass necks and rotosound type strings. I am worried I will cause damage. The bass was made October of 1974. I am currently using rotosound round wound 55.

Any suggestions?

 Post subject: Re: 1974 4001S Strings to use
 Post Posted: Fri Oct 14, 2016 6:21 am 

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Most of the "problems" that folks relate to the old truss rods are as a result of improperly setting the truss rods, causing internal torque that pops the fingerboard.

In the early '80's had a '76 4001 that I used GHS Boomers 45-65-85-105 on exclusively. No issues. I have an '81 4002 that I have experimented with all sorts of strings, always coming back to GHS Progressives 45-60-80-105, because with more iron in the wrap wire alloy, Progressives don't corrode over time and die or go clunk as do nickel plated rounds or stainless wrap strings with my hand perspiration. Both of these basses had/have the older truss rods like your '74. No problems, and I've had the 4002 over twenty years, gigging it until I have worn through the chrome plating on the neck position pickup cover!

I don't know where the urban myth of Rotosound strings came from. If you look at the tension specs that are now available among the manufacturers, a 45-105 set of stainless steel round wound strings has comparable tension to a set of 40-100 stainless flatwounds, due to the flat wrap wire leaving no gaps, and therefore having about the same mass as the round wrap wire having gaps between the winds. This translates to having similar tension; therefore no significant additional stress on the truss rods.

Now, I don't think I would put a set of La Bella Jamerson flats on a Rickenbacker, more because of my fingers than the neck, but any reasonable set of 40's or 45's should be just fine. Pyramids and Rotosound monel flats, due to their alloys, do tend to have more tension, and so they aren't really recommended, although they even have their following. But if you peruse the forum, you will find that the folks have all sorts of strings on their basses.

Of course, the best set is the factory set. Too bad my hand perspiration eats the nickel plating! :)

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