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 Post subject: Best compressor for solid state amp, please?
 Post Posted: Wed Dec 27, 2006 5:07 am 

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I have 3 "12s": an Epiphone acoustic with a Dearmond in the hole; a
Jay Turser Hawk on which I "RIK" reversed the octaves; and a mint
"new" 1994 MG 360 12 with toasters and the silver case.

My budget amp at the moment is the solid state ROGUE 212 65w "Twin"
wannabe. Very LOUD and CLEAN! (we won't even discuss the "Boost"
channel). The Turser with cheapo humbucks has great "EAGLES" chime
("Hotel California"-ish) to it on bright plug in, bridge pick up. But
just NOT the special RIK sound. I did buy a "JINGLEBLOCK" and all the
Turser did was make noise, boost the volume and make the amount of
treble truly annoying. I sent it back with comments

When I play my 360 12 through the ROGUE (switch in middle or down with 5th knob turned for most bright) I can "hear" the special RIK
sound but it sounds like its coming from behind a blanket. What do
you "solid staters" recommend to pull out whatever is currently being
dampened out by new technology. Even with the amp eq at full treble,
50% mids and bass, the RIK jangle sounds fairly dull.

I have read about most compressor/sustainers on the net, but no site
has adequately covered RIK 12s and solid state. Thanks, folks.

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