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Ric 450: set neck or through neck?
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Author:  Ade [ Sat Feb 24, 2007 3:08 am ]
Post subject:  Ric 450: set neck or through neck?

I'm new to the forum and own a great '79 330/12 in "ice tea" burst (or some such colour). My question however regards the solid body Rics. Hopefully someone can answer this;

Are post '64 450s all through neck or are some set neck?

My Ric book tells me 420s, 425, and 450s were made with both set (glued-in) necks and the more typically Ric through neck construction. However it says that the 450/12s, 456/12, 460s, 610s, 620s etc were all through neck. Now the 420s, 425 and 450s came out first, so am I to assume that some of the earlier versions (pre '64 when the 450/12 was issued) of these were the only ones with set necks? I'm looking around for a good 450 ('60s or '70s) but am curious whether the post '64 450s are all through neck or whether they continued making some with set and some with through necks right up until they were discontinued? Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks

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