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Comp Quest for 12k toasters
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Author:  DonnellBW [ Fri Jan 07, 2011 10:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Comp Quest for 12k toasters

I may be in the minority, and I don't doubt the integrity of the product, but I have tried all 3 versions of Valedemort (the comp that must not be named) and have never been able to get my 12k toastered 360 12 MG to sound like the web sound bites.

Anybody have any good results from the MXR Dynacomp? Is it muddy, since it has no treble booster? Are the vintage re-issues any better than the modern off-the-shelf ones?

I am using a 50w Crate tube amp which in the Gain channel has lots of nice
sustain, only, of course, is overdriven and dirty, but tells me that the 12ks can achieve some good "hang time".

Anyone happy with the Dyna, which Mr. Hall has said was the basis for the E1 circuit in the McGuinn signature model?

For me, the Valdemort, even with lots of adjusting, was not 'plug and play'. Any advice would be welcome, not that I don't enjoy the guitar's rich middy "clang' through the clean channel.


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