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 Post subject: Relief / Truss Rod Issue
 Post Posted: Thu Feb 17, 2011 2:54 pm 
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I´m new to Rickenbackers and this forum, so here I go...
I think I have a similar problem like this fellow:

I have a 1999 Ric 381/V69 12 String Guitar in fireglo. The truss rods are working, I can get the neck dead straight but 3 days later it has returned to a non-dead-straight, yet playable position. I´ve never had this with other guitars, after adjustments the neck kept its place. There´s also a lot of bare threads behind the nuts, so I won´t go any further.

I´m planning to take of the strings, remove nuts and washers, pull the rods, apply superglue to harden the wood (cause the rods vanished a little into the neck), add extra washers to compensate the lost wood and put everything together again. Would you guys do the same?

Then some other experiences: The stock nut was spaced the way that I couldn´t cleary fret a B7 or A or C chord without muting at least one string, now I made a new one with corrected spacing and everything plays like a dream. I think a company like Rickenbacker should have changed that way earlier...I see absolutely no advantage of the stock string spacing, now the pairs are closer together and the full neck width is used.

Apart of these issues, this guitar is a dream. I hope I get that neck thing right...

And to strings: I thought it was a litte strange how John Hall treated the P* brand strings, but I have tried them and changed to Thomastik Infields Jazz Swing Series because of the tension (helped a little, but still not good): The Thomastiks are way better, I couldn´t imagine anyone choosing P*Strings when comparing One to One. Thomastiks sound better and play much easier.

Here´s my custom gauges, work great:

The plains are D´addarios.

So thank you for your help!

Alex from Germany :roll:

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