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Calling 610 Owners-Pickup Height?
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Author:  sdbanotts [ Thu Mar 17, 2011 10:42 am ]
Post subject:  Calling 610 Owners-Pickup Height?

Hi All,

I like my pickups pretty low on my Ricks, but it seems the lowest I can get the high-gains on my 610 is about 1.5mm. This is measured by holding down the strings at the last fret, and measuring from the top of the pole pieces on either the neck or bridge pickup, to the bottom of either the low or high E.

Any tips for getting them any lower?Ie smaller mounting screws for the pickups, or is 1.5mm about right?

Incidentally, what kind of height do you 610 owners have your pickups?

My bridge pickup measures about 9.06k using my multi-metre and the neck is a whopping 16.45k!

I presume I should mount the neck pup lower than the bridge in order to balance volume (which I guess doesn't really matter as that is what the 5th knob can do for me).


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