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620 low E buzz
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Author:  callummiddleton [ Wed Dec 12, 2012 11:35 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 620 low E buzz

I've had a look at the bridge and also had a look to see if the strings are touch the frets when it's struck and I can't see any problems there,

The only way I can eliminate the buzz/rattle is to completely max out the bridge screws to its highest point which makes the strings ridiculous high for saying its RIC.

I'm wondering if its the bridge screws becoming slack when lowing the bridge causing the buzz? And are the springs needed?

Author:  jbudweiser [ Wed Dec 12, 2012 4:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 620 low E buzz

That's right you cannot just raise string height to a ridiculously high level to cover up a buzz, that's what the last guitar tech did and it was unacceptable. It makes a guitar unplayable. You have a great guitar it is just a matter of finding the problem not covering it up. Also just double check your relief measurement again with the feeler gauge do it the way I suggest and tell me the relief measurement you have now
Is the 4th to the 9th still buzzing on the Low E and A string??

So far we have checked everything and nothing has turned up.
But you having to raise the action must point to something buzzing when the action is low, with magnified glasses you must lower the action and look real hard to see if the strings touches and frets out causing the buzz

Callummiddleton, unless you find something soon or someone else from the forum casts a fresh set of eyes on the problem it may be best to try to find a good guitar tech.
I'm not sure if your in a remote location, you might need to travel to find one.
When you do find a tech, don't just tell him to set it up..... tell him ''how'' you want it set up and that there is also a buzz problem. Specify your set up and tell him. If any forum member lives near you they might know of a good guitar tech.

Remember when you check the guitar not to pound the strings just play at normal playing pressure.

This is what you need to tell the tech!!!!

You need low action........ 1.6mm to 1.7mm nothing higher measured at the 16th fret
Straight neck.................... .002 to .004 relief measured by depressing the 16th fret and capoed on the first fret with the actual relief measured at the 7th or 8th fret.
the guitar should play clean and no buzzing. Tell him the guitar is precious to you, that way he'll take care of it.

When you get your guitar back check it in his shop not at home. If he has fixed your buzz and your guitar play perfectly with low action and no buzz then ask him what he did to fix it.
If he tell you and seems like a nice person, pay him and thank him very well.
LOL true.... I lower my head when I thank my guitar tech, he deserves it as he is so brilliant with all things guitar. He is about the only one who I'll bow my head for.

Author:  buchrob [ Wed Dec 12, 2012 8:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 620 low E buzz

Back to basics for a moment: you didn't mention if you had indeed done anything with the truss rods.

A too-loose truss rod on my 650D (wasn't even finger tight) sounded really ugly about half way down the finger board intermittently.

Author:  callummiddleton [ Fri Dec 14, 2012 1:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 620 low E buzz

I think I may have sorted it, I decided to take the strings off loosen both truss rods and leave it for 24 hours (I know some people wouldn't recommend it but I find it good way to start from scratch to adjust the neck) then I put a pack of new strings on its tuned it up stretched the strings abit the when went to work on the bridge. I set it to 4/64th on both sides and it continued to buzz so I raised the bass side just a tad to 5/64th and the buzz dispeared. Then I got my truss rod tool
And tighthen both of sides up with relief at about .003 on each side and its plays and sounds great. So hopefully after leaving it to settle for another 24 hours it should be fine.

Author:  jbudweiser [ Fri Dec 14, 2012 3:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 620 low E buzz

Hooray! Congratulations you somehow managed to fixed the problem, I'm X'ing my fingers it stays like that for you. I'm so pleased you finally got to this guitar of yours buzz free.
It was frustrating and it annoyed me too as I couldn't point to a direct problem for you.


It is best you do find a good guitar tech in the long run as one day you may need more detailed work done where an expert is in order

Yes the guitar is safer in your hands or a qualified guitar tech that's for sure.

I had a wishful thought just prior to reading your post..... I was hoping you somehow would get that guitar sorted out before X'mas so if you have time in the holiday period you can enjoy playing it. I didn't think at this late stage you would fix it or find a tech so near to X'mas. So I'm very pleased.

I had a feeling you may have had the bass truss rod just a tad to tight from the beginning . Did you do your relief measurement with capo on and depress the 16th fret rather than the last with the feeler gauge under the 7th or 8th????? If you have .003 that's very straight but not over bowed. Very good you even put new strings on although the other strings were not that old if my memory still serves me correct. If you had a slight over bow on the bass side it would cause the E and A to buzz from 4th fret to 9th that may have been the problem all along. I'm glad you double checked those relief measurements again.

Callummidleton. Do you find that action height OK and not too high??? Is that string height measurement near 2mm at the 16th fret?

Have a safe and Merry X'mas and enjoy that guitar of yours ( I told you nothing was wrong with it) Cheers jbud

Author:  callummiddleton [ Fri Dec 14, 2012 3:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 620 low E buzz

Yes 5/64th is just under 2mm but I'm quite heavy handed when I play so maybe 4/64th was a little hopeful.

The measurements where taken from the 12th fret and the relief was measured with a capo on the 1st and fretted at the 16th fret looking at the gap between the 8th and 9th fret.

I don't necessarily think the tech I took it to it a bad tech but just hasn't got much experience working with RICs. Because he set my Martin DX-1 up superbly in the past. But I think your right I need I to find someone in the future to carry work on my RIC.

Thanks for all the replys

Author:  jbudweiser [ Fri Dec 14, 2012 8:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 620 low E buzz

Now your set up is spot on 4/64th to 5/64th is really good. 4/64th equals 1.587mm that's very close to the 1.6 mm that I suggested, but it's good you were able to get it a tad lower. Now your neck relief is set with .003 and was measured precisely, all up your setup sounds fantastic. You did very well to persevere and go back and double check everything, it payed off! You have also gained experience in the process of solving this problem.

I'm not at all sure why your tech couldn't see the problem and set up this Rickenbacker, he's meant to be the Pro! He raised the action sure but that is just a cover up (big time)
You managed to setup the guitar and solved the buzz in the process.

Most guitars can be set up with less relief, I have changed many other brand guitars from the ''average'' .010 relief to a much better .003 to .005. The guitars are much better to play, that includes most acoustics. Much of what is said regarding guitars needing neck relief on other forums or in literature is a Fallacy!

If your frets are in order and so is the nut, then your neck can be straight .002 or even .001, your string height can be 1.4 mm. That's the type of set up you do on a Rickenbacker or any electric that you are going to play on, detailed guitar work needs a set up like this. This is part of the difference between the average set up and a pro set up. It can be applied to most guitars provided all is in order in the nut and fret department.

Author:  callummiddleton [ Sat Dec 15, 2012 2:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 620 low E buzz

I think your right if I took the guitar to a pro tech to have some fret, nut and saddle work done, I be able to get the string action down to 4/64ths on both sides comfterably. There's a RIC dealer called Ricky Sounds about 10 miles away from me so after Xmas I might pop it in and get there opinion to see if its possible to get the sting action lower but for now it sounds and plays good enough

Author:  jbudweiser [ Sat Dec 15, 2012 3:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 620 low E buzz

Sounds like a good idea. If you do get a Rickenbacker tech to work on your guitar, get back and let me know what he did. It's the pro you want to learn from.

Try to loosen those hands of yours if you get the action down any lower you wont need strength. You have got your action down to about 1.5 mm now that's very good!!!!

Only 10 miles to a Rickenbacker dealer...... I was concerned as you lived in a remote area~
Man I live a 1000 miles from nowhere! However I'm lucky a tech only lives 50 miles away, sometimes I rendezvous with him to cut down the travel.

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