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 Post subject: Which La Bella strings work on 4003 bass?
 Post Posted: Wed Dec 24, 2014 10:18 am 
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Hello! I'm brand new to the forums, and I have a burning question, I hope this is the right area to ask! (Wasn't sure if here or "Just Bass" was the right place)

I've been searching online for the best flatwounds to put on my 4003 Rickenbacker bass. After reading through several different opinions I really want to try the La Bella Deep Talkin Bass strings.

Here's my problem!! --- While I found lots of support for the La Bella flats, nobody ever specifically said what KIND of La Bella strings to get! For example, I typed Deep Talkin Bass into the "Just Strings" site, and I got a page full of different variations. I was overwhelmed .... You see, I'm a complete moron when it comes to specifics, gauges and scale lengths, etc. I admit that!

So my two biggest questions are 1) what gauge and 2) what scale?

After searching through forums again, I found one passing reference to the "760FL Deep Talkin Bass." I went to the La Bella site, and the gauges are .043, .060, .082, .104

Can anyone confirm that this is THE set for the 4003 bass?
(And will this fit into the nut? I really don't want to get into a situation where I have to get out a file!!)

As for the next question, the La Bella site mentioned that these strings come standard at long scale, 37" from the ball end to the silk. I though that Ric basses were 33-34 inches, is that right? So would I need to get a different scale than the Le Bella standard?

The La Bella Deep Talkin page at the bottom notes that there are three other variations to the 760FL, a short, medium and extra-long scale. Short is 32" ball to silk, medium is 34" ball to silk, and Extra Long is 38".

So, can anyone with experience tell me if I need to get the medium set (760FL-M) 34" version for the 4003 Rickenbacker bass, or will the regular standard 760FL work?

Sorry to ask so many (probably) stupid questions! I just never was the best at the technical stuff, but I want to learn!

Thank you guys ... I've lurked on the forums for a while, but this is my first dive in!

 Post subject: Re: Which La Bella strings work on 4003 bass?
 Post Posted: Wed May 06, 2015 11:36 am 

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Hi digby,

it's been quite a while since you've posted your inquiry, yet nobody seems to have replied to date... so I take the liberty of trying to do so (although you may have received all the info from someone or somewhere off-forum in the meantime).

As far as the string lengh is concerned, just go for (regular) long scale strings and you should be fine.
Although the actual scale(!) lengh on a 4003 bass is a bit shorter than -say- on a F****r bass, there is considerable space between the bridge saddles and the "tail end" of the tailpiece (where the strings are anchored).
Hence the need for long scale strings, albeit a not-quite-longscale instrument...

If you're not sure which string gauge to pick, I'd recommend comparing the string tension(!) of the La Bellas with your existing set that's on the bass right now, and get the set that matches most (if you're happy with the current action and playability, that is).
This way you should need only minor (re-)adjustments on your instrument, and it might make it easier to adapt your playing style to the new flatwounds.

Hope that helps... :-)


 Post subject: Re: Which La Bella strings work on 4003 bass?
 Post Posted: Thu May 07, 2015 7:21 am 

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The short answer: regular long scale.

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