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 Post subject: 1993PLUS setup
 Post Posted: Fri Aug 14, 2015 5:52 am 

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Hello - recently got my fireglo 1993PLUS in Fireglo - fantastic instrument. I have a couple of other 360/12s which are, of course, great, but this is a real beauty.

A couple of questions for any of you out there that have one of these 1993PLUS's

1) Have any of you found the nut slots in general a bit on the high side that required some filing? Mine are on the higher side.

2) I am getting a significant amount of buzz from my low E string (but not its accompanying octave string) the notch in the saddle is a bit deeper than I have seen on other Ricks and it's extremely close to the edge of the top saddle - a little further and it would be off the saddle. The string doesnt really buzz much when played open; there a few a few highish frets but the board is quite good; I have the relief set to about 0.004-0.005 or so on each side of the neck. No issues on the treble side. No buzz from any of the other strings on the bass side at a playable action. Even raising the action to an unplayable action doesn't eliminate the buzz of that one string when fretted most of the way up the board. I tried two new strings with the same result. The buzz is audible through the amp. If it wasn't, I wouldn't care so much about it. Have any of you experienced this buzzing on the low E? Any suggestions of thoughts? With my other two 360/12s I have had no issues - nice low playable action with the neck almost dead straight and no buzz and minimal set up needed with nut slots perfect from the factory.

3) Have any of you installed a 12 saddle bridge on one of these? I bought one from but I wonder if perhaps I just need a new saddle for the Low E couplet and if the deep saddle slot with being close to the edge could be the culprit.

Thanks in advance for your input, help and any suggestions!


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