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340/345/RM1998 neck p/u tone knob query
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Author:  shoshin [ Mon Dec 28, 2015 12:38 pm ]
Post subject:  340/345/RM1998 neck p/u tone knob query

I'm currently preparing my Jan 1964 RM1998 for sale, and have been checking that the electrics are all in order, including the five volume/tone/blender knobs. Both bridge and neck volume knobs work fine, as does the little blender knob. The bridge tone knob works well, varying the sound greatly when I select the bridge pick up only. But when I change the selector to the 'neck' position (that is, ignoring the middle position), the neck tone knob seems to make far less difference to the sound than I was expecting. I can just about convince myself that it is varying the tone slightly, but it has nowhere near the effect of the bridge knob.

I must admit that over the years I have almost exclusively used the jangly bridge sound and have hardly needed to touch the neck tone knob. I don't want to claim that the electrics are fine if they aren't, yet everything else seems to be working perfectly and all of the wiring is intact. So I just wondered if any other vintage 340 series owners might be able to confirm whether or not their neck tone control knob is as responsive as the bridge?

Many thanks


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