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Rickenbacker "Jangle"?
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Author:  theonemanband [ Thu Mar 03, 2016 3:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Rickenbacker "Jangle"?

"Rickenbacker Jangle" is, I believe, a broad term regarding tone that is itself a very subjective issue.

I absolutely love my 620/12 and the wonderful sound it produces!! It is my preferred, regular "weapon of choice" gigging instrument; it is a fantastic guitar that I truly cherish!!

That being said, I also have a Danelectro DC59 12string that on a "one to one" comparison has far more "jangle" than any Ric. The guitar was as cheap as chips, costing about a fifth of my 620/12 and made from hardboard (Masonite in the US I believe?) on a plywood frame!!

Apart from the obvious inferior build differences and its cheap pots & switches, the other Dano variables are the "traditional" 12 string layout, "lipstick" pickups and an aluminium nut.

I'm sure all these factors contribute to the tone of the Danelectro but which, and to what degree, give it so much more bright jangle than a Ric.

Just interested in this so called "Jangle" issue :?


PS.......Jimmy Page (Led Zepplin) played a Dano, so that's SOME endorsement!!

Author:  PeterJ [ Thu Apr 21, 2016 6:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Rickenbacker "Jangle"?

I have a 330/12 which I love and also have the same model Dano that you have. Love them both.

Quick comparisons I'd make are that the Dano is easier to set up, restring, needs less help sounding full and is cheaper (your comments about the build quality seconded). Also, the Dano has an appreciably wider neck which makes it easier to get fiddly around chords. As to the jangle, the mid switch position puts both pups in series and is a mighty chiming joy. It's my go to 12 string and also one I'd more happily put on a plane for travel.

That said, my Ric has THAT sound. It needs some educated compressor use (the Dano doesn't require this and in fact can get muddly with it) but when that's there it's pure tone heaven. A good patient setup will also make it play effortlessly and there is no 12-er I'd rather use for recording (Roger M-style, DI with loads of compression).

I like having both and will keep both. I've recorded with both doubling the same arpeggios (Ric on the bridge and the Dano on the combined pups mic-ed through my Fender Twin) and it is gigantic.

I guess I just dig electric 12s.


Author:  RicVic [ Fri Apr 22, 2016 4:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Rickenbacker "Jangle"?

I've had a couple, but one that I would happily re-add to my collection is a Fender Coronado 12 string. Don't let the strange headstock throw you off, it's such a totally different animal from the Ric 370/12 I use now that it truly would not be redundant.

I had a beautiful translucent sunburst Coronado back in the mid 70's, but sold it to finance a honeymoon.

Wouldn't mind having it back these days....

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