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Vintage Schaller tuners for my McGuinn 370-12
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Author:  kvalois [ Mon Apr 03, 2017 8:45 am ]
Post subject:  Vintage Schaller tuners for my McGuinn 370-12

Hi, everyone:

I just got my 1989 Roger McGuinn 370-12 (my FAVORITE guitar) restrung over the weekend. The person who does it-- a professional luthier and a Rickenbacker fan-- told me that the Schaller tuners were "going" and that I needed new ones.

I called Rickenbacker and the fellow on the switchboard was quite friendly and helpful. He told me that I could buy them on the website, under "Boutique." He gave me the model number: 00565.

I found them. But, there also was a disclaimer that there is NO guarantee that these would fit any guitars before 2011-- and that all sales were final ($100 for 12 of them).

So, does anyone own a McGuinn 370-12 and know for sure that these vintage Schallers will definitely fit?

Mr. Hall-- You have always been so helpful. Would you know?



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