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 Post subject: Slight humming with JangleBox
 Post Posted: Sun Jan 07, 2018 9:54 am 
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There is only a very slight humming when I play through the "Jungle Blox", the one with the red J.I notice that only when not playing and amp and JB are switched on.
Possibility of getting rid of that?

Sorry my imac doesn´t write the a in "Jangle" Box...

 Post subject: Re: Slight humming with JangleBox
 Post Posted: Fri Mar 16, 2018 10:18 am 

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Questions -

Is the hum the same no matter what settings you use on the Janglebox, or does it increase/decrease when one or more of the controls is adjusted (and which one(s) and what happens)?

What amp are you using and what are the settings? Does the amp hum *at all* under any conditions? If it's a tube amp how new is it, and if over 15 years old how long has it been since it's been serviced?

How are you powering the Janglebox - specifically. If a power supply the exact brand and model number if not a One Spot or Power Brick, and the cable brand (if using a daisy chain).

If using a power supply are the amp and power supply plugged into 1) the same wall outlet; 2) the same power strip (if so brand and model); have you tested the wall outlet for grounding and polarity?

What else is plugged into the same outlet pair (including anything plugged into power strips plugged into either outlet)?

Are there any fluorescent lights on the same circuit breaker? In the same room? This includes those horrid little twisty power-saver bulbs (throw them all away and buy LED's!)

What brand/model and length of guitar cables are you using?

Where - specifically - are the cables routed (i.e. running next to power supply wires, next to AC power cords, across either of those, on top of the amp or any other device etc)? How close is the pedal (or pedals) to the amp; where is the guitar in relation to the amp and what direction are you facing?

Is the Janglebox the ONLY effect in your chain? If not what else are you running (and need same info regarding cables and power ) and is the hum different when one or more is on or off (and what happens)?

Is the hum present with and without a guitar plugged in - and does the specific guitar make a difference? If you have only played with one guitar it could help to borrow another and see if the same thing happens. Same with the amp, power supply, power strip, cables....

Is this happening when playing at home, at gigs, in a studio, all or ?

Last - If you only hear it when NOT playing how loud is the hum, really? ALL compressors hum. All boost, overdrive, distortion and fuzz pedals hum. Most analog pedals hum. Have you compared it to any other compressor to determine if it's a problem or normal?

There are DOZENS of causes of hum, obviously - which is why I asked so many questions, and they're not meant to be annoying or sarcastic - each one is important (ESPECIALLY) the power source ones, some of which are safety-related). Answers may not solve your hum issue but may help prevent other problems or improve your overall sound.

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