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 Post subject: Schematic for the 4003s
 Post Posted: Fri Nov 02, 2018 8:42 am 

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Hi all
does anybody has a correct schematic of the new 2018 4003s? I wrote them a mail asking for witch schematic to look for and they answered me the schematic on their site for 4003 which is Drawing No. 19557 and should be exact the same for a modern 4003s.
But sorry on this schematic are two outputs Stereo and Mono which is wrong and the Vintage Switch is not integrated Treble Volume instead is in the Treble Tone Pot-meter and the value of this Treble Tone Pot is 500kOhm (I mesured on my bass) and not like on the drawing 300k.

The schematic which is closest to the 4003s is Drawing No. 19501 but the Vintage Switch and Capacitor are missing as well as the values of the Pot's are wrong.

Thanks for your help

 Post subject: Re: Schematic for the 4003s
 Post Posted: Mon Nov 05, 2018 7:34 am 

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The schematic is in the Service > Schematics > Guitar Schematics section:
This is the correct drawing. The difference between a schematic and a visual drawing is that you are expected to know how to extrapolate for slight differences.

The Ric-O-Sound bridging over to the Mono is right on.

It doesn't matter which pot is used for the switch, so long as the .0047 capacitor is switch bridged properly, which it is.

Potentiometer values may vary. That doesn't matter, either, so long as the wiring is correct, which it is. If you like a lot of top end or grind on your bass, be glad you have a 500 Kohm pot for the tone pot, which will decrease loading very slightly and give you the slightest touch more top end.

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