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TP 12 string ... some advice please
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Author:  stabbingpixies [ Mon Sep 19, 2005 9:08 pm ]
Post subject:  TP 12 string ... some advice please

Hi there. Thanks for the forum :-)

I'm new and have been looking for some help: maybe I can get it here?

I own a Tom Petty ltd edition 12 string: had it for a few years now. I bought it new in Oslo ages ago and never really had a problem with it. great frikking guitar. few questions tho:

I would like to adjust the truss rods a little (got some new fret buzzing on the lower frets: but am unsure of the procedure for a dual truss rod: How exact do I need to be , assuming that I mirror the relief on one truss rod with the other: is there anything special I need to know? Clockwise turns on BOTH truss rods to bring the neck up, right? Is there anywhere I can go for diagrams? Googling gives no joy, and I like a pretty picture :-)

secondly: Are my pickups a little hot? I dont have measurements: but always found that I needed a very gentle touch: anything agressive and the sparkle that I love becomes "spank". I would rate the sound a 10 out of 10 when Im playing osmetrhing mellow, but give them a 7 out of 10 for anything a bit more excitable...

I understand that 90s pickups were overwound a little: Subjectivity aside: would getting them rewound improve the tone? Is there anywhere in Norway/Europe I could get this done?


This guitar just shimmers unplugged. I miss that when its plugged in (shimmer becomes sparkle,. if you get me?), and I wish to God there was an acoustic bridge alĂ  the fishman powerbridge that I could stick on this guitar.

So the question is: is there any modification that can be done to bring a little bit of acoustic presence into my Rick? Is there a decent lavalier mic that might do the trick for example? Has anyone else considered this? (And if not: Why the hell not? these are 12 strings! And 12strings are awesome acoustics!).

Anyway. Thanks for the space.

Author:  Dubhear [ Mon Sep 19, 2005 11:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: TP 12 string ... some advice please

On the truss rod adjust, clockwise straightens the neck (lowers action) and counter-clockwise gives it more relief (raises action). But the neck's gonna come forward soon because of the temperature change anyways (warm/dry lowers action and cold/humid raises it) due to the effects on the wood. For example, moving from Boston to Las Vegas will put all the strings on all your guitars completely flat against the frets... that was an interesting experience! ;-)

For the acoustic sound, I'd check out Graphtek's F.A.A.S. system, they have them for a wide range of guitars; don't remember if Rics are among them. I have gotten Fishman to custom-make powerbridges for me but it's a fairly expensive and slow process and I'm pretty sure L.R. Baggs doesn't have them.

Good luck!

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