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Mike Rutherford: Guitars, basses, and doublenecks
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Author:  jkleban [ Mon May 03, 2010 5:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Mike Rutherford: Guitars, basses, and doublenecks

Duplicate... see post below

Author:  jkleban [ Mon May 03, 2010 5:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Mike Rutherford: Guitars, basses, and doublenecks

So, my real expertise ended with The Lamb but I think I can help you a bit here. In the beginninng of the TRICK tour, I think Mike Rutherford used another (different) Rick 12 string/Microfrets baritone doubleneck.... he had humbucker pickups added to both the 12 string and the Microfrets... this guitar however, didn't hold up well on the road and sometime during the tour, he abandoned this doubleneck for a new custom doubleneck (forget the name).

I think you might be referring the GRIFFIN which Mike had custom built in the mid 80s... this guitar served as a prototype for Steinberger model. I don't believe this was a doubleneck and the Griffin is the luthier who built the guitar for Mike.

So, perhaps someone else can add to the TOTT doubleneck after the RICK/Micro-frets combo.


Author:  jkleban [ Sat Jun 12, 2010 6:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Mike Rutherford: Guitars, basses, and doublenecks

Evidently, mentioning a certain locked thread on this forum gets your thread locked. I posted this in a different thread but the webmasters changed my text.

So, as a follow up to this thread, my Rutherford LAMB bass build is complete. The color scheme is exactly like a JETGLO Black - white binding of a RICK and as mentioned, the other half of this guitar is a 360/12.

I thought you might like to see how this bass was built (if you are interested in GENESIS bass guitars). So here is the sighting:


This thing now sounds exactly like the double-neck. I do have a 360-12 as well but not enough guts to have both guitar SLICED in half to create the entire double-neck. Maybe some day?


Author:  GQuintas [ Fri Aug 20, 2010 1:52 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Mike Rutherford: Guitars, basses, and doublenecks

Hi there,
There's only one Rick 360/12 Micro Frets Signature Baritone doubleneck.
Mike used this for all of "Lamb". Two pickups were added for the American leg of the "Trick" tour, or the first shows. It is the same guitar with this addition, not another doubleneck.
Mike had problems with the Micro Frets, he liked the sound a lot but it had a tendency to break on tour. Mr. Dick Knight then built him a brand new double neck from scratch, a 12 string and a baritone. He used this for the European leg of the "Trick" tour. This is the double neck you can see the Genesis in Concert movie.
This double neck proved to be unreliable, so Mike droped it afterwards. For the "W&W" tour he started to use the various attachable Shergold bodies.

Mike Rick 360/12-4001 Bass was kept at the "Farm" and was loaned to the R&R Museum of Fame in Cleveland. It is there in the Genesis exhibit now, according to the last news I've had. Interestingly, the pickguard was changed to a continous single piece.

Mike Rick 360/12-Micro-Fret is kept at the "Farm". I think I have read that it might have been loaned to the R&R Museum of Fame, but the information could be wrong.

Mr Dick Knight scratch double neck was given to be auctioned to a radio station in Germany, for some charity. It has not been seen anymore, it's in the hands of some collector, lost, or somewhere w/o the owners knowing what they have.

Mike kept the Shergolds, but several spares or parts not used, surpluses, were auctioned in Ebay in the early 2000's.

A picture of the MF Signature Baritone before the conversion to the doubleneck can be seen @ www.redferns.com. Type Genesis and go to page no 8. You will see Peter holding it, at Headley Farm.

The Musical Box got their Micro Frets Baritone Signature from a store in Fla. I have seen one for sale long ago, an original. Mike had one, as far as I know, but he could have bought two.

Hope this helps.

Author:  jkleban [ Tue Mar 06, 2012 7:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Mike Rutherford: Guitars, basses, and doublenecks

So, a couple years later and some more information about the LAMB doubleneck....

Yes, Microfrets Signature Baritone strung with short scale flat wounds.. but the 12 string was not a 360.... the more I thought about this and trying to get the sound of his twelve string, led me on a mission....

First off, how would one take a hollow body and merge it with the MF baritone? Can't be done, so the first thought was that Mike took the hardware from the 12 string and has the body custom built....

Secondly, no matter what I tried the sound of the 360/12 did not SOUND ANYTHING like the 12 string on The Lamb

Third, upon close examination of Mike's LAMB double neck, I noticed the fretboard had the DOT inlay and NOT the arrow shape of the 360....

So, I was convinced that the sound of the RICK had to be some sort of solid body... I then discovered that the 450-12 wasn't a real expensive guitar and didn't have the RICK arrow inlay on the fretboard...

With this in mind, I waited on ebay until someone was selling a 450-12 at a reasonable price... found one, a 1967 beauty....

One of the sounds that was IMPOSSIBLE to recreate with the 360 is the rhythm part in Riding the SCREE...

So, I plugged my 450-12 into my SVT Ampeg head and MAGIC... this is the sound of the 12 string from THE LAMB....

This one had me stumped for years and now I can move on....

By the way, the 450-12 is the easiest electric 12 string I have ever played... they stopped making them in the 80s and they weren't very expensive in their day so you can find a vintage 450 reasonably priced.

Now, time to work on some of Steve's sound from The Lamb.... here to I am convinced that he used more than the LES PAUL on The Lamb (actually I know he did) but what can be duplicated on the Paul and what can be duplicated with this OTHER electric guitar.


Author:  sasquatchgeoff [ Sat Mar 10, 2012 2:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Mike Rutherford: Guitars, basses, and doublenecks

With regard to Nursery Cryme and the Musical Box, an additional detail should be mentioned. Rutherford, in a couple different interviews states that he used unique tunings for the 12 string that incorporated unison pitch on the high E and B pair, as well as open chord configuration that he himself admits he cannot remember.

I found this to be particularly helpful when embarking to learn the intro segment of The Musical Box.

Author:  Ain'tGotNoPokemon [ Sat Mar 10, 2012 3:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Mike Rutherford: Guitars, basses, and doublenecks

I have to say that I prefer Genesis after Peter Gabriel left. They made some great music, but when it was bad, it was the pits. The production on those early albums is awful, too.

Mike is a very underrated player. It's a shame he didn't incorporate the 12 string more in to the eighties era, as well. I find its higher pitched strings blend well with keyboards and bass.

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