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Found myself going back to roundwounds?!?!
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Author:  lumgimfong [ Thu Apr 27, 2017 10:27 am ]
Post subject:  Found myself going back to roundwounds?!?!

Got a FG4003 a few months ago.
Love that throaty, growl and punch. Growlier than my P.......n and S...fire basses.
Found myself having more fun and playing more, like when I was a kid and played my axes because they were so much fun and such a new thing and great sound.

Well, after a month, I decided to put my usual flats on as I have only played flats for years. Love the silence when I move my left hand. No squeltch.

Well, the 4003 sounds great, both the LaBellas and Rotosound flats sound good. But not much growl and punch. For fun I tossed the ric strings back on. I'm 14 again and having so much fun with the intoxicating growl and tone again.

So I might just keep rounds on the Ric for the nice tone I like when it has rounds on it. I might just keep it as my rounds bass.

But on to Chromes first! Gotta exhaust my options before I surrender!!!

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