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 Post subject: 4001LH 1978 - What to look for when buying
 Post Posted: Thu Apr 20, 2006 10:16 am 

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I'm seriously considering getting a 4001LH from '78. I've heard a lot of these basses had bent truss rods but I'm not really sure what that means to be honest; i do know, however, that is is a pain to fix. How do I check if the truss rods are bent?

In addition, apparently this bass had a colour change from a blue to just a maple/wood colour. Is this a problem?

I live in Melbourne and a vintage left hand ricky is, well, rare to say the least, so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Also, asking price is $1950 AUD (around $1300 US) - bearing in mind the location, is this fair do you think?

Thanks for any help!

 Post subject: Re: 4001LH 1978 - What to look for when buying
 Post Posted: Fri Apr 21, 2006 4:24 am 
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If you remove the TRC (truss rod cover) and look at the rods, they should extend in a straight line from the plane of the neck. If they appear bent or buried against the wood, then you would have to access the situation. Also use a 1/8" nut driver and see is they are loose or flopping (indicating they are broken). Loose could just be needing to be snugged up or broken. 4001 truss rods are not impossible to find, but it would take an effort for where your at. As for bent, they can be removed, straightened or cut off and rethreaded.

Make sure the neck is straight, i.e. not a hump in it. Those are hard to correct. With dual rods, a twist is easier to correct.

Being you are in an area where LH basses are rare (kinda like here in the US also!), you can accept more things to correct because of need, and adjust the price accordingly. The asking price seems high to me, but thats based on what I see here - for where you are and it is a lefty, it seems fair. Only you can decide if it is worth that price and if you are willing to pay it.

I hope this helps....

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