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4001 Restoration/General fixup...
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Author:  Brewingfrog [ Wed Apr 05, 2006 10:30 pm ]
Post subject:  4001 Restoration/General fixup...


I own a lovely cream with black trim 4001 (#S8-890) purchased brand new at Evans Music City back in '79. It has been a faithful instrument lo these many years...

Sadly, the years have taken their toll and she needs some work. The fretboard has begun to split away from the neck, ever so little at the moment but I fear it will continue. Various other dings and weathering could use some work as well.

To see about this, I called up the Bass Emporium in Austin, an authorized Rick dealer, to see what they could do. They told me to contact Rickenbacker directly about it, as the only folks they had on hand were "not qualified to do that kind of work."

So, my question is: Who do I contact to do this sort of work, either here in Houston, Greater Texas or the USA?

Hopefully this same person can install the excellent new tone selector in my Jet-Glo 4003 (#D6-7993).


Author:  RockNRollChemist [ Wed Apr 05, 2006 10:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 4001 Restoration/General fixup...

I can tell you right now Rickenbacker won't do repair/restoration work on it. But there are a couple of guys on these forums that do AMAZING jobs at this sort of thing, Dale Fortune being one guy and Jingle_Jangle being the other. Maybe they could help you out.

Author:  Brewingfrog [ Wed Apr 05, 2006 11:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 4001 Restoration/General fixup...

I have been reading about their work for a while now on this forum. Extremely beautiful work, especially the "PurpleBurst" color that Jingle-Jangle achieved on a 360.

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v693/ ... lmag1a.jpg

Simply beautiful.

I believe I would keep my 4001 its original color, though. It keeps the 'Yin-Yang' thing going for me.

However, that does not rule out a future PurpleBurst 4003, provided I find one that is worthy of such a restoration...

Author:  johnallg [ Thu Apr 06, 2006 3:13 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 4001 Restoration/General fixup...

As to adding the switch to the 4003, go to the Electronics section of the Boutique above and get the switch/pot (07345) and a .0047uF cap (07447) then follow the directions in my post on this thread:

http://www.rickenbacker.com/forum_view_ ... 171&Page=2

Author:  jingle_jangle [ Thu Apr 06, 2006 11:14 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 4001 Restoration/General fixup...

Ironic, BF, because I've just completed the '79 4001 conversion this evening. It was "cream with black trim" (actually white, but the varnish yellows over time). The owner, Gareth H., loved the look of an early '70s 4001 in FG with the genuine horseshoe and checkerboard trim, so that's what I did on it.

Anyway, I'll be posting final pictures over the weekend under its thread in this topic section.

Regarding yours, it would be a fairly simple resto compared to Gareth's. Strip it, reshoot the white, revarnish. Simple in terms of process, that is--no removing binding, cutting extra channels, rebinding twice (double layers), refret, change color, etc...

Frankly speaking, you got good advice from the dealer. Not too many of us understand RIC's way of building and finishing things, so it's inevitable that if you want it done right, it's gonna have to go on a bit of a trip in a UPS/Fed Ex truck! Both Dale and I are on the Left Coast, I in SF and he near Portland. Both of us are also backed up a bit with restoration work, too, but if you write me offlist, I can clue you in as to when I'll have a spot.

This is a hobby-business for me, by the way, so I do it mostly for the love of the instruments, and to support my own collecting/playing habit. Result: It gives me great happiness and satisfaction to resurrect a guitar or bass for a Rick owner and to see him/her become once again captivated by it.

Author:  Brewingfrog [ Thu Apr 06, 2006 7:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 4001 Restoration/General fixup...

Jingle-Jangle, thanks for replying.

Indeed, the fellow at the shop was very respectful of the instrument. His admonition was almost Hippocratic, "First, do no harm!" He pointed out that Ricks are impossible to keep in stock, and that once one is on its way people literally line up to get a chance at it.

The original color actually was a creamy-white. The finish has darkened over the years but the underlying color is still a cream. Just lovely...

I sent you an email. Thanks!

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