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Over the past several months, RIC has been in cooperation with Bigtime.TV to take part in their “Born to Rock” exhibitions in Dublin, Ireland and London, England. The original “frying pan” was shipped overseas (as were other vintage Rickenbacker guitars), to give exhibit visitors an up close look at the world’s first electric guitar.
In January 2007, Rickenbacker was again contacted by “Bigtime.TV,” to ask if we would participate in their “RockCouture” charity guitar auction. RIC CEO John Hall made a few inquiries that ultimately resulted in the guitars “Trucker Girl,” and “Fish Out of Water.”
“Trucker Girl” is an artistic take on Peter Buck's main Rickenbacker Jetglo 360, designed and donated by RIC CEO John Hall. Years ago, Peter customized his 360 with a reflective “Trucker Girl” sticker, and Hall has expanded on that idea by using multiple stickers on the body and headstock. The biggest challenge in executing his design turned out to be the simple act of acquiring the stickers. “I was searching on the internet for a place to buy the stickers, “ said Hall, “and was using every permutation that I could think of … ‘Trucker Girl,’ ‘Trucker Woman,’ ‘Mud flap Girl,’ ‘Mud flap Woman’ … until somehow I finally struck gold with ‘Trucker Mama.'"
“Fish Out of Water,” is a custom painted 4001 bass inspired by the artwork of Chris Squire’s first solo album of the same name. Squire’s main instrument is a Rickenbacker 4001, which he has owned and played since 1965; it was the fourth 4001 ever imported into Britain from the United States. The “Fish Out of Water” Bass is a 4001C64 (donated by RIC), featuring a custom finish conceptualized by Chris Squire and painted by Dan MacPherson..
Both guitars will be sold as part of a series of separate auctions, which will be administered by Ernst & Young. The RockCouture™ project aims to raise over £1m for the benefit of various charities. In this case, the proceeds will be given to Amnesty International.

For more information, please visit the Born to Rock website at http://www.borntorock.tv/theauctions