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RIC Announces 4005 Reissue Bass - 4/1/2007

RIC is pleased to announce plans to reissue the 4005 Bass
Rickenbacker International Corporation is pleased to announce the release of the 4005 Bass. Despite recent official comments made to the contrary, RIC will be responding to the overwhelming demand of the users on the company web forums, and reissuing this unique instrument.

The new model, which features a special nameplate, will be designated the "4005AF," and should be ready for shipping a year from the release of this statement.

Company CEO John Hall, who is responsible for the naming of all instruments, had this to say about the 4005AF:

"We're really excited about this reissue, but I do think that I should preemptively clear up some possible confusion about the name designation. 'AFG,' which stands for last year's color of the year - 'Amber Fireglo,' should not be confused with the 'AF,' designation given to the 4005 reissue, which simply stands for 'April Fools!'