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RIC-Outlet on Ebay - 5/2/2007

Rickenbacker is pleased to announce the Ebay RIC-Outlet
Over the past 75 years of building instruments, RIC has accumulated quite a number of odds and ends that have done nothing but collect dust in some boxes in a corner of our factory.

We recently had idea that one man's obsolete parts/literature COULD be another man's(or woman's) treasure, so we've decided to place some of these "treasures" for sale on Ebay. While there are currently only a handful of items up for sale, we will continue to add a variety of items as quickly as we can get them dusted off and photographed.

These items will not be available through dealers, and are being sold as is, with no returns, exchanges, or warranties.

So go take a look at the RIC-Outlet, and check back often. You might just find that vintage part that you've been scouring the earth for.