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In December 2006, RIC received a special request from an old friend. While the RIC repair shop is typically only available for warranty work, we will occasionally make a rare exception. When we got a call from John Kay of Steppenwolf, we quickly decided that this was one of those times. It turns out that John Kay's Model 381s are very well traveled instruments. Speaking of his main RIC axe, John says:
John Kay's battle scarred 381 JK guitars

First, the finish was stripped and the old inlays were removed.
"Some of the more interesting places it has visited range from "The Arctic Rock Festival" in Bodo Norway to Biker Fests in Venice, Italy and Budapest, Hungary. Also various cities in Brazil, Lima, Peru, the Soccer Stadium in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the Islands of Saipan, Guam and of course Japan.
In North America it has visited far flung places from Slave Lake, Alberta and Fairbanks, Alaska in the north to Key West in the south, all four major Islands of Hawaii in the west to Newfoundland in the east. In fact it has played in all 50 US States and 9 of the 10 Canadian provinces, Prince Edward Island being the one exception.
The binding was replaced, and new inlays were installed

The instruments were then sanded, sealed, and refinished
It's been on the high seas aboard truck ferries from Sweden to Denmark, from Nova Scotia to Maine and across Lake Michigan. Whether by land, air or sea it has never missed a single show it was scheduled to play. In short it has been a true road warrior and will be with me once again when the Wolf plays its 40th Anniversary & Farewell Tour in 2007."
After such extensive travels, it is not surprising that John's guitars have picked up a few bumps and scratches along the way, and the RIC factory was glad to give them a well deserved makeover. Each of John Kay's Model 381 JK Limited Edition guitars were stripped, the inlays and binding were replaced, the necks was re-fretted, and finally, they were both completely refinished.
Custom fret markers were painted onto the binding

John Hall personally ensured that the custom electronics were back in order
To see/hear John Kay's new/old guitars, be sure to catch Steppenwolf's 40th Anniversary & Farewell Tour